Space, Time, Machine and Monster

Mark Brake and Neil Hook’s new book, FutureWorld, is to be showcased at a conference on campus on Saturday 21 June, sponsored by The Welsh Academy.

‘Space, Time, Machine and Monster’ is a science fiction, fantasy and horror day conference for the valleys as part of the new South Wales Valleys Literature Development Initiative, in partnership with the University of Glamorgan. Come and enjoy a stimulating day of workshops and discussion panels for adults and young people, with a wealth of talented authors, scriptwriters and creative artists from Wales including Jasper Fforde, Dr Who scriptwriter Andrew Cartmel, Mark Brake, Neil Hook, Philip Gross, Tim Lebbon, Steve Lockley, Steve Volk, Catherine Fisher, Terry Cooper and more. The speaker timetable is available here

There is a long and lasting fascination with fantasy and science fiction in Wales, dating back to the Mabinogion, the first alien contact story written in English (by the Bishop of Llandaff in 1638) and other notable contributions, such as Lady Gwen, a feminist utopia, written anonymously in 1891. More recently there has been contributions from writers such as Peter George and Terry Nation, with the most current and successful writer to raise the profile of the genre being Russell T Davies with Dr Who.

The day runs from 10am until 5pm and takes place in G block at the University’s Treforest campus. Tickets are £5 (or £3 concessions) and are available on the door only. Full details are available from Louise Richards, South Wales Valleys Literature Development Officer on or 07854 435217 or Academi on 029 2047 2266.

FutureWorld is published by The Science Museum and Boxtree MacMillan



    May 19, 2008

    It might be worthwhile listing the day this is happening on in the blog post itself. (The Word Document suggests 21st June…)

    Sounds like an interesting day. Contemplating coming along to listen to Louis Savy, who is the force behind the London Science Fiction Film Festival…

    Sue Phillips

    May 19, 2008

    What an excellent event this turned out to be.

    Pity it wasn’t better signposted – for people unfamiliar with the area it wasn’t the easiest to find. Find it we did, though, with the help of fellow writer Dave Price and our only problem then was deciding which items to omit.

    The programme was packed with truly fascinating talks and workshops. Several ran side by side, making it impossible to attend everything and I know this caused some frustration for people who really did want to be everywhere at once.

    I gather it’s all going to happen again next year and, seeing that we now know where to find the place, we hope to be back.

    Sue&Morgan Phillips

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