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Comet Holmes

St Gwynno’s Forest at night is an eerie place. Good for astronomy, but no good if you have an over-active imagination. Its cut price Dracula ‘s castle of a church with its sprawling graveyard is enough to give anyone the horrors. But at least the welcoming glow of the pub can banish all negative thoughts.

Astronomy students

Second year astronomy students studying our Exploring the Sky module thought the place was magical as we pulled up in complete darkness. The stars were incredibly bright and sparkled in the frost air. Two telescopes and several cameras were in use and we managed to get some nice shots and some good observing done through the evening. As if in welcome, the moment we stepped out of the cars and into the darkness, a Geminid meteor lit up the sky. This was rapidly followed by one going straight through the field where Comet Holmes was being photographed, resulting in a great catch.

Toes and fingers rapidly lost feeling as the temperature fell to -3. Too bad we had to leave and thaw out in the pub which had been taken over by ladies enjoying an Ann Summers party…

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