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Publicity for our BSc Astrobiology continues unabated. I’ve received further calls and emails from as far afield as Spain, France and Australia, and have a scheduled spot tomorrow evening on, among all things, TalkSport Radio

By the way, during this recent flurry of web publicity for CASE I came across this Wikipedia entry for the University, which not only mentions our Astrobiology degree, but also links to our CASE web site

Currently working on a Top 20 list of science fictional myths which appear to have factoid status in the public imagination. You know the kind of thing: alien abductions, UFOs, Moon hoaxes, and so on.

Any contributions would be gladly accepted. Within reason.



    September 30, 2005

    Welcome to the Next Generation…

    Isaac Koi

    September 30, 2005

    J Allen Hynek discusses several myths in relation to UFO reports in his “The UFO Experience” (1972) in Chapter 1:
    (1) Only UFO buffs report UFO sightings,
    (2) UFOs are never reported by scientifically trained people,
    (3) UFOs are reported by unreliable, unstable, and uneducated people,
    (4) UFOs are synonymous with “little green men” and visitors from outer space.

    Kind Regards,

    Isaac Koi

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