Terracotta Army Found on Mars

Boffins, god bless ‘em, have pondered for many a moon on the colour of Mars.  Not just the fact that its red (well, pinkish, anyhow), but also the fact that the so-called Red Planet is variegated in its pinkness.

Well, a solution is finally revealed.  The European Mars Cappuccino probe’s high-resolution camera has revealed that the surface of Mars is comprised of billions of these little guys made of terracotta:

See, some of the guys are light in colour, while others are dark.  Hence, Mars has a variegated pinky surface.

As yet, the origin of this terracotta army remains a mystery.  But only time will tell before the all-seeing eye of science catches up with the truth.

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    February 2, 2007

    I can’t see the pics very well. Could you email them to me or something?

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