There Will Come Soft Rains

If searching for justification of Science Fiction as the melting pot of science, culture and art, look no further than hiflyer/APbradbury/twcsr.htm”>There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury. Inspired by an image from Hiroshima and the poem markbanerji

December 12, 2005

*When The Wind Blows*


Living twenty miles down wind from the “ranging inferno”: that observation seems totaly apt. Described as a scene from doomsday, I can taste the acrid smoke in my mouth. Rain could drag the toxic particles into the water supply not to mention the chemicals being used to fight the flame. The fire of london it might not be but certainly a major environmental disaster which could have long term effects. Any keen environmental students are welcome to to test the air and soil round my home. The cause is at yet unknown and apparently my never be known. If this was a movie Superman would be flying to the rescue to extinguish the flame with his icy breath, unfortunatley its not just your ordinary everyday firecrew doing there job and putting there lives on the line.

Rob Miller

December 12, 2005

Yes, in the absence of super men or super global rescue squads our only real option, in the face of such disasters, is to go on with our lives as normal. Personally powerless in marked contrast to our fictional heroes.

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