This Mouse Won't Hunt –

This Mouse Won’t Hunt
By Robert MacMillan Staff Writer
Friday, April 22, 2005; 10:04 AM
‘Lawmakers from Augusta to Sacramento are locking and loading to shoot down a Web site that purports to let people hunt big game online. This topic has been heating up for more than a month after Texas-based opened for business, and is finally gaining front-burner status after a prominent Republican congressman introduced a bill: to outlaw Internet hunting nationwide.’

Well, tie this with robot troopers and we have a rather nasty trend. Arm a tele-operated robot with a machine gun. Send it into a battle field. Charge the general public for the use of their very own war-droid. While I am rather shocked by the death of animals – more so than most, because I am an animal rights campaigner – as my religeous beliefs define them to be equal to humans, I can also see the continued disassociation between the act and the intent of destruction. I rather hope the bill passes!

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    Pete Grehan

    April 22, 2005

    This rather reminds me of the “Joe Haldeman”: novel, “Forever Peace”: in which a guerrilla war is fought remotely via a link to robot ???soldier boys???.

    The interesting thing about this story is that there are unforeseen consequences of using this technology that have the effect of negating human aggression. Future social developments of technological advancement are rarely a straight line extrapolation, though in reality they often seem to be changes for the worse.

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