Three Feet High and Rising

Scientists are beavering away on a contraceptive that will stop ejaculation.  The web was replete today with stories that some blood pressure and schizophrenia drugs have the effect of stopping men ejaculating sperm.  And a team of crack scientists has now identified the guilty chemicals.  Apparently the drugs act by preventing the longitudinal muscle in the vas deferens contracting to propel sperm out of the penis.

But will men go for it?  Apparently, the smart money is on ‘Jettison’.

Exclusive reports show that a rival scientific development is far more likely to be popular with men.  By tinkering with these drugs, alternative chemicals have also been identified.  Known as ‘enhancers’ these substances work in an opposite way on the penis’ longitudinal muscle resulting in what research scientists have described as ‘turbo-charged ejaculations’.  Since these chemicals have a prospect of enhancing fertility by sheer force, they may well yet prove to be the most popular option.

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