Top Honours for Glamorgan Science Professor

Mark Brake, Professor of Science Communication at the University of Glamorgan has been elected Fellow of the Institute Of Physics in recognition of his public engagement work in science.

The bestowal of Fellowship is in recognition of Professor Brake’s work in the design and development of unique study programmes on the historical interplay between space, science and culture, and the innovation of public engagement initiatives such as Science Shops Wales, SETPOINT Wales, and the RoCCoTO project, which last week received a prize for Public Engagement from the Astrobiology Society of Britain.

Professor Brake, the University’s Professorial Champion for Science as part of the Beacons for Wales project, commented, “I am honoured to become a Fellow of the Institute of Physics. I feel it vindicates the University’s progressive attitude to public engagement work over the last decade, work which has seen us communicate science through the media on five different continents”.

The honour comes only days after Professor Brake was elected to the National Council of the Astrobiology Society of Britain. He was a founding member of the NASA Astrobiology Institute science communication committee between 2003 and 2006.

Professor Brake’s new book, FutureWorld, published by the Science Museum and MacMillan, is out next week.


    Afat Tooatphan

    July 8, 2008

    How wonderful to see such refreshing enthusiasm for those things ephemeral. Stagnation has been the by-word in Science/Science fiction literature over the past 30 years. Prof Brake has kickstarted, nay, toe-poked the football of imagination into the Stella cosmos and firmly affixed it there like a blazing supernova shouting, ‘here is my imagination, here is my vision, here is my brilliance, now come feast and gorge oneself on savoury fayre that will enrich, enlighten, engage, engross, grip, fasinate and quite simply ticle ones fancy!

    GLH Griffiths

    July 8, 2008

    Mark Brake is a long time colleague of mine and | have have nothing but admiration for the work he has done at Glamorgan. He has indeed developed a path wihich is both inspiring and innovative. The comments from Afat Tooatphan are, in contrast, virtually unintelligible, cliche ridden and, quite frankly, add little to the praise which Mark Brake’s work deserves. Put simply, what are you talking about?

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