Top Ten Gadgets

MSN have listed to the 10 Great Gadgets In Fiction. Not surprisingly all the sources are science fiction. The list makes no attempt at presenting sf as a predictive art form, just as some really cool ideas. Surprising then, perhaps, that there is no mention of a really useful gadget called the Ansible invented by writer Ursula K, Le Guin. More than a really handy instantaneous communication device for conquering interstellar distances, it allows a scattered humanity to maintain its cohesive identity to a much greater degree than could be conceivable otherwise. Unlike most other gadgets, which may replicate themselves under different names through science fiction (with the possible exception of the Hyperdrive), the Ansible has been adopted by other writers under its original manufacture’s name. Now that’s successful.

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    Andy Ball

    February 25, 2007

    I’ll take two 🙂

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