Torchwood: End of the Road


(Episode number 8 in the series Torchwood – Miracle Day)

End of the Road had a feeling, in part, of an Agatha Christie plot about it as the main protagonists end up at the Colasanto estate led by Angelo’s granddaughter Olivia Colasanto (Nana Visitor). Inside the luxury mansion information is rapidly and efficiently disseminated across the sitting room and all without the aid of Hercule Poirot. To be fair it would have been tedious and time consuming to have revealed these things any other way especially as there were just as many new questions as answers revealed at the country mansion. In any case the arrival of the different factions of the CIA quickly brought the story back into the realm of fast paced Torchwood while rapidly and convincingly flipping the Torchwood team from outlaws to posse in a way that showed off Rex’s individual talents.

Overall though the quasi-religious overtones of last week’s episode, Immortal Sins continued into End of the Road, with the Jilly Kitzinger selling her soul to “The Families” and the sense Oswald Danes’ charmed life is about to end as the Devil finally comes for his due. Or to put it another way he is reclassified as Category 0, a classification of life reserved for those that would in normal circumstances have faced the death penalty. They are destined for the furnaces.  The angelic Angelo, on the other hand, is allowed the grace of dying naturally, more or less.

As usual there’s so much going on in this story that you’d be hard pressed not to like something, but with so many loose ends flying about I wonder if two more episodes will be enough to tie them up into a neat ending. This being Torchwood I suspect the ending will be far from neat.

Written by Peter Grehan

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