Torchwood – The Blood Line

The finale of Miracle Day was almost a literal tying up of loose ends, as both Rex and Jack simultaneously caste their (actually, Jack’s blood) into each end of the blessing, thus reversing the Morphic field linking the human race and making everyone mortal again. This suggests that we are all fundamentally linked to the planet we evolved on (though why this field had no effect on all the other animals and plants that evolved here with us I’m not sure)? This somewhat begs the question, what happens when human beings finally leave planet Earth and venture into deep space? How will the morphic field affect them, or possibly, not affect them? If colonies set up on some far distant planet will the humans have to adjust to a new morphic field, or could some incompatibility take place that cause the failure of those colonies?  So while some major loose ends were tied up it has left this image of human beings travelling through space with morphic field tendrils trailing behind them, a plethora of loose ends if you will. And curiously this very question was one that was addressed in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy written by that great philosopher Douglas Adams. To quote;

…most of the things which stir the universe up in anyway are caused by dispossessed people… …every being in the universe is tied to his birthplace by tiny invisible force tendrils composed of little quantum packets of guilt. If you travel far from your birthplace, these tendrils get stretched and distorted. This compares with an ancient Arcturan Proverb “However fast the body travels, the soul travels at the speed of an Arcturan Mega-Camel.” This would mean, in these days of hyperspace and Improbability Drive, that most people’s souls are wandering unprotected in deep space in a state of some confusion; and this would account for a lot of things. Similarly, if your birthplace is actually destroyed, or in Arthur Dent’s case demolished – ostensibly to make way for a new hyperspace bypass – then these tendrils are severed and flap about at random… …And these flapping tendrils of guilt can seriously disturb the space-time continuum.  (HHGG Fit the Tenth)

It seems to me to be more than a coincidence that these two, totally unconnected, science fiction stories should hint at a similar phenomenon. I would suggest that it is the morphic field itself percolating its way into the subconscious of  science fiction writers (obviously it would only be science fiction writers who would have minds open enough to articulate these ideas) as a means of making itself known.  In fact I’m sure a study of science fiction texts would reveal other examples of the “flapping tendril” phenomenon.

But why receive these messages now? I suspect it is a warning to humanity to be very cautious of space travel. Effective space travel may be centuries away, but what are a few centuries when compared to the age of the Earth? There could be unforeseen dangers in leaving our planet that we would do well to be wary of. We may even have to invent a new religion to deal with it!

Written by Peter Grehan

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