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Last night the BBC launched a beautifully filmed new science series, Journeys of Life , on the evolution of life on Earth.

One of the hot topics the series aims to cover is the Aquatic Ape Theory . The theory suggests that hominids experienced a semi-aquatic stage in our evolution and only this adequately explains many features seen in human anatomy and physiology. The theory has recently been championed by BBC naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough but the idea has been developed and refined by Elaine Morgan over the past 28 years. I mention this in particular because Elaine is a local hero . Born, bred and still living in Mountain Ash; my home town!

Just goes to show what local unsung talent we have in the Valleys, so I’m doing my bit to sing a bit louder about it.



    April 15, 2005

    In a spooky SF coincidency “X Files”: style thingy I was in “Hay”: yesterday and discovered a large pile of Elaine Morgans book ‘The Aquatic Ape’ remaindered there for ??3 each sitting on the counter. Or perhaps the “greys”: wanted me to find them (mind you they couldn’t convince me to buy a copy).


    April 15, 2005

    More spookiness … David Attenborough was talking about the Aquatic Ape and in conversation with Elaine Morgan and her opponants on BBC Radio 4 this morning – its seems to be taking over the world.

    Teri Brewer

    April 15, 2005

    Some of you will not realize that the wonderful Elaine Morgan was awardrd an honorary doctorate by the University of Glamorgan some years ago. Aside from her sideline as an investigator and supporter of the aquatic ape theory, she has had a very successful history as a writer for television.

    Prof Mark Brake

    April 15, 2005

    Yes, Teri’s right. I’d tried to find some links to web pages which
    detail Elaine’s work, but had difficulty in finding any. I seem to
    recall she was responsible for writing the TV series about Lloyd
    George about 20 years ago, though I wasn’t aware of the fact
    that we’d awarded Elaine an honorary doctorate

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