Wales 1 Portugal 0

I like driving; honestly, I do. It’s not as bad an admission as criminal activity, but I do like driving. I look forward to going anywhere the car will take me, but driving to Portugal is something that is eagerly awaited then hated with a vengeance as tiredness and the monotony of motorways sets in.

Nevertheless, Allan and I have at long last made it to the Algarve in preparation for the arrival of students for the annual field school.The drive was the usual nightmare – a road “disappeared” in France but allowed us a quicker route, only to have another non-existent road take our anticipation away in a 4 hour detour. Never mind, at least we’re here where the weather is naff and the skies are grey. Gleeful cries from our loved ones at home as they enjoy blazing sunshine while we cower in overcoats from the rain.

Allan is happy, he’s doing strange things to the Losamandy telescope mount; I am outside watching the sun scud between the thunder clouds, avoiding the playful lightning by ducking back indoors when things look threatening. I smile as I half listening to his profane squeals of delight as his autoguiding appears to work. A few shots of the sun, which has come out from between the grey cloud, reveals a lovely sunspot on the solar surface, very prominent and at least 5 times the size of earth surrounded by a hazy penumbra. Too soon, the clouds return so I might as well try and reduce the images before the competition for best photo sets in between us. Weather reports say that next week should see the return of the Sun.

Like Aztec kings we can’t wait. Enough sacrifice to the sun gods in our aching limbs and bloodshot eyes.



    May 4, 2007

    Yes, sorry to disappoint you, lads. Its blazing here. Typical, isn’t it?!


    May 4, 2007

    Sounds! Can I come?

    By the way Prof, good interview other day, very impressive.


    May 4, 2007

    Spot on Lee, the Prof really did himself justice with interview..

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