Wales First in Astrobiology


My job at SETPOINT Wales (based at CASE) is working as project officer for a multi-national high school science education project being developed under the auspices of a NASA Space Act agreement between the Australian Centre for Astrobiology , Macquarie University, New South Wales and the NASA Astrobiology Institute

The project is based on a virtual field trip to the Pilbara area of Western Australia where the world’s best examples of putative ancient fossils are found (3.5 billion years old). It is the best analog site for looking for ancient life on Mars The education project seeks to make this link and reveal ‘science in the making’ and at the cutting edge of our best knowledge in the area of astrobiology.

We currently have 2 ACA colleagues visiting CASE, Carol Oliver and Jennie Ferguson, and they are engaged in a short tour of 3 local Welsh schools, testing their field trip project. Its a Wales first since the schools are the first in the UK to engage in this exciting project.

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