Walking tall, sitting pretty and getting small

Walking tall:

Asimo, possibly the most capable bipedal (two legged) humanoid robot has taken its first running steps (Needs the latest Flash player installed). More videos here showing its other remarkable improvements.

Running is distinct from walking because there are periods where both feet are off the ground. This is very hard for a robot, especially one of ASIMO’s size.

Sitting Pretty:

I was just pondering a design for a compact car – stable but for one driver, to combat the waste of transporting a single human in a vehicle that weighs two tonnes – when I came across this news item on the BBC pages. While not quite my idea, which I will admit was ripped off of a combination of the ibot 3000 (there is a review which shows some videos) and the Mars Landers with their rotating wheels for perfect steering, it is always nice (if frustrating) to know that ideas are good, because others have shared them…

Don’t you just hate it when someone else has the same idea, and is several years ahead! Ah, but my electric sheep are still novel!

Getting small:

The Apple Mac mini is a wonderful idea, along with the iPod Shuffle in minimalist hardware. After the G5 iMac that was basically a computer in a screen, this is an interesting trend. However, let’s not forget the Mac Cube as there are still a few die hard owners of what was a lovely design. I hope that the Mac mini is more successful.

And finally…

Where do retired robots go? Well, the roboshark from that wonderful BBC animal documentary has found a place to rest which is probably a good thing. There may be success with Huygens, but humans aren’t done yet, according to the Hubble people who don’t consider them good enough.

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    January 14, 2005

    ??stable but for one driver, to combat the waste of transporting
    a single human in a vehicle that weighs two tonnes??

    I know, how about something you sit on. perhaps with 2 wheels.
    maybe manually steered by a bar, lets call that a handlebar.

    Damn someone “else”:http://inventors.about.com/library/
    inventors/blbicycle.htm got there before me.

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