Welsh Water??


A French professor has identified Mawrth Vallis as a potential site for the European Space Agency’s ExoMars rover to go looking for signs of water.

Mawrth was chosen from a list of names for Mars in different languages given to the International Astronomical Union by Carl Sagan. The IAU is the only body allowed to name any celestial object.

This is not the only feature named after Welsh entities. The full list of nine is:

  • Agrona Linea an elongated marking on Venus – Welsh goddess of slaughter, destroyer of life;
  • Caitlin a crater on Venus – Welsh first name;
  • Mawrth Vallis – Welsh word for “Mars”;
  • Megan a crater on Venus – Welsh first name;
  • Modron Corona an oval shaped feature on Venus – Welsh divine mother goddess;
  • Porth a crater on Mars – Town in Wales;
  • Rhys a crater on Venus – surname of Jean; Welsh writer (1894-1979);
  • Sarn a crater on Mars – Town in Wales;
  • Viviane Macula a dark spot on Triton, Neptune’s moon – Amour of Merlin

written by Bruce

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