World-Famous Astrophysicist Joins CASE

World-renowned astrophysicist Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe has joined Glamorgan as Visiting Professor to the University’s Centre for Astronomy and Science Education (CASE).

Professor Wickramasinghe is one of the pioneers of astrobiology and interstellar dust theory, being the author of the first-ever monograph on this subject in 1967.  He is the originator of the idea of organic dust in space and in comets, and together with Sir Fred Hoyle has written over 25 books and 350 scientific papers developing the theme of cosmic life, over 75 in the high-impact journal Nature.

Over the past decade the University of Glamorgan has established an international reputation for innovative teaching, launching the world’s first BSc degree in Astrobiology in 2005.  (Here’s the NASA report of our launch).  While building strategic national and international alliances, CASE has established a multi-disciplinary team of educators, researchers and practitioners around the theme of communicating science.

CASE’s Professor Mark Brake said, “We are delighted to welcome Professor Wickramasinghe as Visiting Professor of CASE.  The appointment will bring a number of benefits to the Faculty of Health, Sport and Science, and the University at large.  It will raise further our profile, placing us on a more strategic footing to compete for funding, and hopefully attract collaborators both at home and abroad, in order to develop projects of international significance.” 

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