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Professor Mark Brake recently featured in an in-depth interview in BBC Focus magazine. The full text of the interview is printed below:

BBC Focus> What was the last popular science book you bought?

MB> Different Engines by Mark Brake and Neil Hook

BBC>What’s your secret read?

MB> More like secret gameplay. ProEvolution Soccer – it’s a personal obsession

BBC> What’s the most important book of all time?

MB> Different Engines by Mark Brake and Neil Hook

BBC> What was your first spoken word?

MB> I’ll have to ask my Mam; she’s away on holiday at the mo

BBC> What’s your favourite – and least favourite – word?

MB> Rumpus, and membrane

BBC> Paper or hardback?

MB> Hardback

BBC> Will digital books replace the book?

MB> Not unless they can be read on the lav

BBC> Which law of physics would you change and why?

MB> Sod’s; because the toast always falls butter side down when it’s dropped

BBC> Are we alone in the Universe?

MB> No. The fact that they haven’t been in contact with humanity is proof of extraterrestrial intelligence

BBC> What’s the greatest threat to humanity?

MB> Humanity

BBC> Who would you clone?

MB> Angelina Jolie

BBC> Who’s your science hero?

MB> Carl Sagan

BBC> Who would you banish to a parallel universe?

MB> Richard Dawkins

BBC> Who do you prefer – Stephen King or Stephen Hawking?

MB> Stephen King; more realistic

BBC> Who would win a fight between Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin?

MB> Newton; he was a nutter

BBC> Would you have yourself cryogenically frozen? If so, when would you like to be thawed?

MB> Sure, why not. I’d like to be thawed just before the asteroid hits the Earth

BBC> Who would you be reincarnated as?

MB> Lara Croft

BBC> Which fictional character do you most identify with?

MB> Homer Simpson

BBC> What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

MB> Angelina Jolie AND her clone

BBC> What’s your most treasured possession?

MB> ProEvolution Soccer 6

BBC> What’s the most important lesson life has taught you?

MB> To leave gardening to others

BBC> What would your epitaph say?

MB> On the whole I would rather be living in Wales

BBC> If you weren’t talking to us, what would you be doing?

MB> Making tea and toast for Angelina and the clone

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    Jeff Miljkovic

    January 4, 2008

    Wel, Stephen King doesn’t dribble from the mouth so is by far the tidier choice. But what was that, no room at the inn for Mr Dawkins??? Surely not?

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