Faustus and Frankenstein

“Modern science provides us with a surfeit of monsters: Dr Faustus, Dr Frankenstein, Dr Moreau, Dr Jekyll … Dr Strangelove.  The scientist who does not face up to the warning in this persistent folklore of mad doctors is himself the worst enemy of science.” And, you could suggest, it all started with Faustus, Frankenstein, and the double-edged sword of scientific power.  Listen to Podcast 1: Frankenstein and Faustus of the Top 10 Mad Doctors.

Jekyll and Moreau

Those of you who enjoyed the recent Jekyll drama from the BBC may also like to check out this second podcast on the Top 10 Mad Doctors of Cinema.  From the 1886 novel, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson.  The very phrase ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ has come to signify wild or bipolar behaviour.  Doctors Jekyll and Moreau rampant drooling vivisectionist from HG Wells’ 1896 novel, The Island of Dr Moreau


The third podcast features two doctors from the early days of cinema.  The Cabinet of Dr Caligari was made in 1920, and is a very acclaimed expressionist film, influential on Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands The evil genius Dr Rotwang features in Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis Rotwang is perhaps the most influential scientist in the history of cinema. Is Rotwang an anti-Semitic Nazi propagandist caricature of Albert Einstein? Tune in and find out


Strangelove prepares to deliver his master plan. With unerring logic he talks of preserving a ‘nucleus of carefully selected specimens’ of the human race at the bottom of America‘s deeper mineshafts for a hundred years.  Listen to the last podcast on Doctors Strangelove and Lector

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