Since Autumn 2010, Mark and his colleague, Jon Chase, have been delivering a number of interactive roadshows throughout the UK to schools, life centres, museums, festivals, and libraries.  In fact, anyone who’s interested!  To book one of these events, please use our Contact page.

The roadshows include:

The Science of Doctor Who!


Space Hoppers Live!

Based on the BBC book and CBBC series which Mark and Jon worked on, this show has already played to over 10 000 children in over 100 venues, including as a major part of The Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge in 2010, encouraging children to take more of an interest in reading, and science;

The Science and Magic of Harry Potter

Pottermania, mind-boggling demos and details of the phenomena behind the fiction

Space, Time, Machine, and Monster

Why we live in a science fiction world! The facts and fiction of the future, through science and rap

The Alien Hunters Handbook

The definitive Key Stage 2 guide to finding life beyond the Earth. Do aliens wear underpants, and do they play rugby?!

Really Really Big Questions about Space and Time

Everything a Key Stage 2 pupil would want to know about space and time:  ‘Is the Universe Getting Fatter?’  ‘Was Neil Armstrong a Modern Columbus?’  ‘Who Owns Space?’  ‘How Can Our Sun be a Dwarf?’  ‘How To Build a Time Machine’ and ‘Is Space Smelly?’.  Based on Mark’s Science Museum/MacMillan book, published in October 2010.

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