Heat-Ray Weapons

In The War of the Worlds (1898) HG Wells created the myth of technologically superior aliens.  The key thing that vividly hammers home the cosmic chain of command in Wells’ book is the Martian machinery.

Their Tripods tower over man.  They are an unrelenting force of the void.  The superior Martian machines are instruments of human oppression.  And their chief weapon is the heat ray, an “invisible, inevitable sword of heat” as Wells described it.

In early 2007 news broke that the US military had developed a revolutionary heat-ray weapon to repel enemies and disperse hostile crowds.

Named the Active Denial System, the weapon projects an invisible high-energy beam that produces a sudden burning sensation in its target audience.  One journalist who agreed to be blasted with the heat-ray said the feeling was like a blast from a very hot oven – too painful to bear without diving for cover.

Military officials allege that, unlike its fictional Martian counterpart, the gun is harmless.  It is merely a way of making enemies surrender their weapons, bridging the gap between ‘shouting and shooting’.  Dubbed one of the weapons of the future, its services were added to their tool kit in 2010.

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