Light Sabre

Surely it’s the coolest weapon of all time?

Scottish actor Ewan McGregor thought so.  In eager anticipation of playing Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, McGregor confessed to practising his light sabre technique whilst making appropriately bristling, energetic laser noises himself!

The light sabre is associated with the Jedi Knights. It is an elegant weapon usually consisting of a cylindrical hilt, a blade formed from a tight loop of highly focused light, about one metre long, which upon activation emits a coloured blade of pure energy.  It is essentially a laser of immense power.  And it is able to penetrate and cut most solid materials with little resistance, except for another light sabre blade, of course.

The closest science has come to a light sabre is the plasma gun.  Plasma guns are used to coat surfaces with thin films, and in the construction of aircraft engines.

They work by blasting large volumes of gas through an electric arc. This energises the gas to a plasma state, dividing it into positively charged ions and loose electrons. Plasma radiates brilliant light and heat.

But the electrons continue to be attracted to the ions.  They re-attach themselves as soon as the energy diminishes, which makes plasma unstable.  Sadly, that makes it tricky, at the moment, to make a Jedi light sabre.

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