This is the website of Mark Brake, author and communicator of science.

Mark is a freelance writer, working out of the UK, who writes popular science books, and has done science communication work in film, television, print, and radio on five continents.  He has communicated science for, among others, NASA, Seattle’s Science Fiction Museum, the BBC, including BBC4, CBBC, and BBC Stargazing Live, the Royal Institution, the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Nature, the British Council, the British Film Institute, Sky Movies, and the National Science Museum of Thailand.


• co-wrote the Science of Star Wars book in 2016


• has his Big Earth Book published by Lonely Planet in November 2017

• has his Science of Harry Potter book published in November 2017

• has his Science of Superheroes book published in 2018

• recently wrote the Lonely Planet Kids book, How To Be A Space Explorer

• recently had a book published with Cambridge University Press, called Alien Life Imagined.













Mark’s Amazon page is here

You can find out more about Mark’s previous work in About, and about his books in Books.

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