For the last few years Mark has been working with friend and colleague Jon(athan) Chase, the UK’s foremost exponent of rap science.  Jon and Mark share a love of science and science fiction, and Mark helped persuade NASA to commission Jon’s Astrobiology Rap.  They have continued to innovate science communication, doing rap science gigs at the Science Museum, the Royal Institution, working on the Space Hoppers tv and book projects, and touring with creative science roadshows.

Here is a showcase of Jon’s superb work.

A Better View: Science Photo Library Rap

Jon’s most recent rap, written for the Science Photo Library in 2010.

NASA Astrobiology Rap

A rap written for NASA and the search for life beyond the Earth, 2008.

To Be Mentioned

A rap written for Black History Month, 2009.


A rap written by Jon on the topic of genetics, 2009.


A rap by Jon, not in small part influenced by the fact that it often chucks down in Wales, 2010.

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